Welcome to Washington Orchestra!!
Miss Lorraine Plunkett
Conference Time:  
Purple Days:  1:00-2:30
Gold Days:  11:00-12:30

Welcome to Washington Orchestra!!!  

P1:     Chamber Orchestra
P2:     Sinfonietta
P4:     Music Appreciation

G1:  Philharmonic
G3:     Beginner Orchestra
G4:     Sinfonietta

Fun Orchestra Websites:

Orchestra 2015 Fall Calendar:
                                Region Audition etudes passed out to Chamber Orchestra members:  Tuesday, August 25
                                Orchestra Parent Night:  Tuesday, September 8, 5:00-7:00pm in the WJH orchestra room
                                Last day to enter for Region Auditions:  Wednesday, September 30
                                Region Auditions!!! Saturday, October 17 at Oak Ridge High School
                                Renaissance Festival Music Competition (Chamber only):  November 4
                                Region Chair auditions and sectionals at Kleb Intermediate:  Friday, November 13
                                Region Clinic and Concert at Klein Forest High School:  Friday/Saturday, November 20-21
                                Winter Concert - Chamber, Philharmonic and Sinfonietta:  Tuesday, December 8, 6:30pm
Orchestra 2016 Spring Calendar:  
                                Solo and Ensemble Competition:  Saturday, February 20, College Park HS
                                Pre-UIL Competition Philharmonic:  Thursday, March 10, Oak Ridge HS
                                Pre-UIL Competition Chamber:  Friday, March 11, Oak Ridge HS
                                Pre-UIL Concert with Peet Junior High and Conroe High School, Friday, April 1
                                UIL Competition for Philharmonic (non-varsity):  Thurs. April 7
                                UIL Competition for Chamber (varsity):  Fri. April 8
                                Spring Concert for ALL Orchestras:  Thursday, May 19, WJH
                                Splashtown Trip:  Monday, May 30


Chamber Orchestra:  Varsity
This orchestra is the top performing group.  Students that are interested in being in this orchestra will need to audition on their instrument the semester before they would like to be in it.  This group of students performs at UIL competition, all school concerts including homeroom concerts, participates in solo and ensemble competition, has the opportunity to audition for the region orchestra, and is the group that plays anytime they are needed for any performance.  They play at a more advanced level than the Philharmonic and Sinfonietta groups as they prepare for their competitions at varsity level and for the high school orchestra.  Along with playing technique, this group will also work on:  shifting, tuning, vibrato, and musical expression.  We have a lot of fun in Chamber, but we also work very hard, so it takes  hard work and dedicationt to be a part of the Chamber orchestra.

Philharmonic:  Non-Varsity
This is the second orchestra at Washington.  Students that are interested in being in this orchestra will need to audition on their instrument the semester before they would like to be in it.  Like the Chamber orchestra, this group performs at UIL competition, all school concerts including some homeroom concerts, and participates in solo and ensemble competition.  The music this group performs is not as vigorous as the chamber orchestra, but is more advanced than the Sinfonietta group since they will be competing at UIL at the non-varsity level.  These students will also work on the same techniques as Chamber and should be prepared to move up to Chamber the next year, or the 9th grade orchestra.

This is the third performing group.  Students that have played their instrument before, but aren't in Chamber, or Philharmonic are automatically in this orchestra; no audition required.  This group performs at Winter and Spring concerts at the school.  The music they work on will help them focus on reaching a higher level of performance so they can audition for Chamber or Philharmonic later, or for one of the high school orchestras.  We work on a lot of playing technique including:  posture, hand positions, intonation, scales, rhythmic patterns, and overall musicianship.

Beginner Orchestra:
Welcome to the orchestra!  I am so excited that you have chosen to be a part of the orchestra!  This year as beginners you will be learning how to play one of four instruments from the string family:
You will learn playing technique for these instruments, maintenance of a string instrument, how to read music and perform it.  This class will prepare you to be in Sinfonietta or even Chamber if you make the audition next year.
Thank you again for choosing orchestra and I am looking forward to working with you all!

All students:
You will need to have an instrument to participate in performances and there are two ways in which you can obtain one:
1. Rent a used instrument from the school for a one time fee of $75.  Please note that these instruments have been used by many students from the past and are not in optimal condition, but are good for the purposes of beginner orchestra.
2. Rent or purchase an instrument from a music store (a list with addresses and phone numbers of all local music providers is below).  If you plan on continuing on your instrument I highly suggest that you invest in an instrument that can last you throughout high school.  I recommend that you rent from these stores rather than purchase as a first instrument as you will probably grow and need a larger instrument not too far in the future.  Any help that you need in deciding on an instrument or where to go, I am more than happy to help with.  I want you to have an instrument to be proud of.

Music Vendors.doc

Please take a few minutes to look over the Washington JH Orchestra handbook attached below if you have not already done so.
I am looking forward to an awesome year with all the talented students of Washington.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me through email or phone!

Lorraine Plunkett
Orchestra Director
Washinton Jr. High



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